Final Website Reflection :,)

As I said in my first website reflection back in September, I have never made a website before, so this was a new experience for me. Using [the free version of] WordPress was frustrating and difficult, but I got the majority of what I wanted out of it. Over the semester, I kept the “Singl” template that WordPress provided because I liked how I was able to have movie theater seats in the background at all times and how I was able to match my black, red, and white theme with it. I was also able to add a dropdown menu in the top right corner (not that it gave me a choice of where to put it) for easier navigation to other pages.

My website ended up being a little different than I thought, but I still found enough ‘me’ in it with all of the gifs and images I used as well as my informal writing style. At the beginning of the semester, I suggested that my blog might include a meme page, which it did not and I don’t feel like starting one for two reasons: (1) I’m lazy and it’s finals season and (2) I couldn’t figure out how to have a separate page with multiple selected posts. On the dropdown menu I created, you can click on singular posts, my blog feed of all of my posts in chronological order, or pages with shortcuts to specific posts. I tried to categorize my posts and put them on the corresponding pages, but either the page wasn’t visible in my dropdown bar or the post wasn’t visible on the page.

Overall, making this blog website on WordPress was as difficult as anticipated, but I’m glad that I was able to push through frustration to get what I wanted – especially visually – out of my site. I may or may not use WordPress in the future (and maybe this page will be lost in the depths of the internet if I don’t go on here once a week like I usually do…) but I will definitely keep up with the times of technology in expressing myself on the internet on multiple platforms within and without of social media. Creating my website affected how I understood the course material for FILM-208 because I was interacting in the space that Janet Murray as well as most of our other authors talked about. It was cool to explore what I could do in the confines of [the free version of] WordPress while also learning and engaging in material on digital media (inner me: that’s meta!!).  

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