Disney Plus #ad Creative Project Final

For my creative project, I have chosen to make an advertisement for the Disney+ streaming service. I was originally planning to use Premier Pro for this project, but with learning a new technology was too much to take on during these last couple weeks, so I used iMovie on my Mac. I have used iMovie many times before, so it was easy to use and get what I wanted out of it. For getting clips and audio, I used 4K Video Downloader and 4K YouTube to MP3 (special thanks to Natalie for telling me about them, otherwise I would have continued to do the primitive way I was doing previously). Using these technological hacks, I was quickly and successfully able to download the YouTube video and audio files I was looking for and import them to iMovie with ease.

This Disney Plus advertisement was made by splicing video and audio to the overarching theme of “Transformation” (performed by Bulgarian Women’s Choir) from the Disney classic movie, Brother Bear (2003). I chose “Transformation” because it had a sweet beginning, epic buildup, and smooth finish that I was looking for as well as I think the title matches with what I was trying to do – transform all of my childhood memories into one cohesive video, much like Disney+ did with their content on their streaming service.

My creative project relates to my overall final topic of Disney+ as a new streaming service because what better way to show off something new than to make an ad for it? I wanted to show the content available on Disney Plus (yes, everything in this video is readily available to stream, I double checked) and that it encompassed Walt Disney Studios, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and some 20th Century Fox. Disney Plus as a streaming service hasn’t even been out for a month and it’s one of the most popular hashtags, memes, and talked about things basically since sliced bread. So, I hope you enjoy my ad for the better-than-sliced-bread new streaming service of Disney Plus!

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