Disney+ Creative Project Proposal

The creative project I have (most likely) chosen to do for my topic of Disney+ is to make a half advertisement and half entertainment video. I want to create a video that has everything – or almost everything – that Disney Plus has promised to have when it releases November 12. This would also serve as a visual advertisement for the streaming service, thus half advertising and half entertainment. I want to push my skills as a video editor and try new editing techniques as well as potentially use new technology like Adobe Premiere Pro. The inspiration for this choice came from re-watching the commercial that Disney already put out for their new streaming service as well as re-watching one of my favorite video edits of all time. I would like to create a video that combines the ideas of these two videos. I’ve always wanted to make a “movie edit” video where clips from movies are put to music, such as Captain America scenes to “Old Town Road” or MCU scenes to “Lions Inside,” because I think they’re so freaking cool.

Another reason I would like to create this video is because of the timing of everything. Our rough draft of the project is due November 10th and the final draft of our project is due December 4th. This means that I should be able to pick out all of the video content from released Disney movies and trailers before November 10th to complete about half of the video. Once November 12th rolls around, I will have access to the streaming service platform and can use the visuals and content from Disney+ itself before turning in the final draft on December 4th. I’m super excited to start looking for potential footage and song choices to work with in the near future … which means I get to watch old Disney content – what’s not to like?

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