Final Project Proposal

The topic I am going to choose for my semester-long project will be…

*drum roll please*

Disney+ !!

I have chosen to do my final project on Disney+ because I find it both very relevant as well as something I am going to use myself. Disney+ (Disney Plus) is a streaming service that will contain the majority (if not all) of Disney’s produced entertainment. It will include content from Disney Studios, Pixar, Marvel Studios, 20th Century Fox, Lucasfilm, and so much more. It also comes with different plans, such as a strictly Disney plan or a bundle plan with Hulu. Disney+ is not available now, but it will be available this fall on November 12th.

I am super excited to write about news revealed at D23 Expos as well as find out what other specifics I can about Disney+ before, during, and after their release this semester. I feel that I can research streaming services that are popular now and see if they are worried of what Disney+ will do to their subscribers. I am mainly excited to be able to get the majority of Disney, Pixar, MCU, and Star Wars all from one streaming platform and am curious what other people out there think of Disney+. Overall, I think Disney+ will be an interesting topic for my final project because of the perfect timing due to it being released this semester, meaning I can first-person work with the before, during, and after its release.

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